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Multilevel security is a security policy that allows you to classify objects and users based on a system of hierarchical security levels and a system of non-hierarchical security categories.

Multilevel security provides the capability to prevent unauthorized users from accessing information at a higher classification than their authorization, and prevents users from declassifying information.

Data Flow in Multilevel Security :

Assume that the security is classified into three levels - Top Secret, Secret and Confidential. In multilevel Security data can flow between the levels, for example between "Secret" to "Secret", or from a lower level to a higher level. This means that users at level "Secret" can share data with one another, and can also retrieve information from Confidential-level (i.e., lower-level), users. However, data cannot flow from a higher level to a lower level. This prevents processes at the "Secret" level from viewing information classified as "Top Secret". It also prevents processes at a higher level from accidentally writing information to a lower level. This is referred to as the "no read up, no write down" model.

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