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Step 1 : Device A (Client) sends a TCP segment with the SYN flag set to 1, ACK flag set to 0 and an Sequence Number 2000 (which marks the beginning of the sequence numbers for data that device A will transmit). SYN flag announces an attempt to open a connection.

Step 2 : Device B (Server) receives Device A's TCP segment and returns a TCP segment with SYN = 1, ACK = 1, Sequence Number = 5000 (Device B's Initial Sequence Number) and Acknowledgment Number = 2001 (2000 + 1, the next sequence number Device B expecting from Device A).

Step 3 : Device A sends a TCP segment to Device B that acknowledges receipt of Device B's TCP segment, With flags set as SYN = 0, ACK = 1, Sequence number = 2001 and Acknowledgment number = 5001 (5000 + 1, the next sequence number Device A expecting from Device B).

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