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An audit trail (also called an audit log) is a chronological record of security-relevant data that documents the sequence of activities affecting an operation, procedure, event, file or document.
Audit logs are used to track the date, time and activity of each user, including the pages that have been viewed.

The benefits of audit trail include :

Individual Accountability - Audit trails are a technical mechanism that help managers maintain individual accountability. By advising users that they are personally accountable for their actions, which are tracked by an audit trail that logs user activities, managers can help promote proper user behavior. Users are less likely to attempt to circumvent security policy if they know that their actions will be recorded in an audit log.

Intrusion detection - Intrusion detection refers to the process of identifying attempts to penetrate a system and gain unauthorized access. If audit trails have been designed and implemented to record appropriate information, they can assist in intrusion detection.

Detailed Insight - Because an audit log tracks how long and how frequently individual users access a document, it can be used to gain insight into which investors or potential partners are most interested in a business, enabling the company to be more strategic with its negotiations.

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