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PART-1 : MCS-021

Q1. Write a program in C language for addition of two polynomials using Pointers

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q2. Write a program in C language that will accept a Graph as input and will perform a Depth First Search on it. Make necessary assumptions.

Answer : - Coming Soon

PART-2 : MCS-022

Q1. Write a shell script in Linux/Unix that accepts a text file as input and prints the number of words that have at least one vowel

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q2. Your PC is on a network. Find the number of Printers on whom you can command a Print from your PC.

Answer : - Coming Soon

PART-3 : MCS-023

Q1. Create a database consisting of Name of Bank, Number of Branches, Total number of Customers, Average number of Customers who visit Bank in a Day

After creating the database, perform the following tasks :

(i) List the names of Banks which have more than 1000 branches

Answer : - Coming Soon

PART-4 : MCS-024

Q1. Write a program in Java for multiplication of two sparse matrices

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q2. Write a program in Java that connects to a database and generates a report that consists of the list of Universities which are offering a specific Programme of Study. Input to the Java program will be name or abbreviation of a Programme of Study (such as MCA) . Make assumptions wherever necessary.

Answer : - Coming Soon

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