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Q1. A University offers its programmes online. It allows students to take admission though an online form. The dates of online admissions are announced on the University website along with the details of the programmes on offer. Design and create four web pages for the website of the University namely, Home, Programme List, Registration Form and Important Dates, having the following features :

For consistency, every web page of the website should consists of three basic divisions –

Header – This division should be of the same for all the four web pages and should display name and logo of the University. This division should be in different background colour.

Options – This division should be same in every web page and should be towards the left in every web page. It should contain links to all the web pages viz. Home, Programme List, Registration and Important Dates.

Data – This division should display the basic information as given below. The web pages that you are designing should differ in this Division only.

The Data division of the different pages should be as under :

Answer : - Download

Instruction - There are 5 files [ Home.html, ProgrammeList.html, Registration.html, ImportantDates.html and mystyle.css ] present in the [Link is given above] which contain source code.

Q2. What is the need of CSS? What are its important features of CSS? What is Angular JS? How is Angular JS similar or different to JavaScirpt?

Answer : - Coming Soon

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