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Q1. Define a scriplet and expressions in JSP ? Create a simple JSP page which includes declaration, scriplets, expressions and comments tag in it.

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Q2. Define authentication mechanism?Explain any two basic mechanisms through which a web client can authenticate a user to a web server using http authentication.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q3. Create a LOGIN page using JSP and JDBC. Database is created in Oracle.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q4. Write a servlet program to fetch and display all the fields of student table having 10 records with field names as student name, enrollment number,email ID and grades achieved in TEE.,

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q5. Define DTD. What is its use in XML?Write the DTD of an XML document that describe the bank account which has the following attributes :
Account number (mandatory)
Customer_id (can be multiple)
First name (mandatory)
Middle name (optional)
Last name (optional)
Account type (mandatory)
Balance (mandatory)

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q6. What is the purpose of message-driven beans and define its structure? Explain the various circumstances under which a message-driven bean should be used. What makes message driven beans different from session beans?

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q7. Briefly explain any seven JSP implicit objects.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q8. What are Cookies ? Briefly explain the following methods of Cookie class :
(i) setMaxAge
(ii) setVersion
(iii) setDomain
(iv) setPath

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q9. What is the need of web security ? Explain data integrity and system (7integrity in thecontext of web security.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q10. What are the advantages of using Java's multiple layer security implementation ? Explain with the help of an example program.

Answer : - Coming Soon

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