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A book store proposes to develop a "Book Sales Information System". The information system provides secure login to book store employees. The services offered by this system should include - finding the availability of a book in the book store; taking orders from the customers for the books, which are not available; making an invoice for sale for customers; ordering of the books, which are high in demand and stock of those books have reached a low level.

You may study the requirements for such a system in more details. Perform the following tasks for the system given above :

Q1. a) Which Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) will you propose for the specification given above?

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Q1. b) Justify you selection by evaluating suitability of at least two SDLCs.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q2. a) What would be major costs of the system?

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Q2. b) What may be the financial benefits of installing such a system?

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Q2. c) Perform a cost-benefit analysis for the proposed software and report its findings.

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Q2. d) List the major tasks and milestones of the Project and make a project schedule. The schedule must include both GANTT and PERT charts. Explain the two charts drawn by you.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q3. a) Study the system and create a software requirement specification. You must identify either the processes or objects while analyzing. During the analysis give consideration to possible input and output of the processes.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q3. b) After identifying the requirements, create Analysis Models. You may either use the classical approach and draw Entity relationship diagram and data flow diagrams (DFD’s) up to level 2-3; or you may take object oriented analysis approach and create class diagram, use case diagram, use cases etc.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q4. a) Design the system architecture and the database as per the needs of the system. You must perform normalization on tables up to 3rd normal form. The table design must include Primary and Foreign keys and constraints.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q4. b) Create the system flow chart or detailed process design and state transition diagrams. Also design the user input screens and output report formats.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q5. Design various unit test cases for different testing techniques/strategies.

Answer : - Coming Soon

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