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Q1. Create a website for a School which provides information about student's performance to their parents, who may register to the website. The website should be designed using logical divisions through <div> tags and an external CSS file. Every page of the website should be divided into four divisions namely – Top, Develop, Menu and Content as displayed in the following figure :

Perform the following tasks for the website as given above :

a) Create four pages for the website viz. Home, Attendance, Results and Feedback; all the four pages should have same Top, Menu, and Develop division but different Content division. The Menu Division should provide links to the Home page as well as all the other three pages. All these four menu options should be available in all the web pages designed by you for this assignment. Thus, this Menu division may be used for navigating among the four web pages. The Content division of every page should be different. The information that should be displayed in Content Division of each of the pages is described below :

b) Create an external CSS that gives different background colour to each division. You may choose the format of other elements as per your choice.

c) Create a JavaScript program that generates an error message if Username field is left blank in the form of Attendance page; or if the length of entered password in the password field is less than 6 characters. In case of an error, after displaying the error message, the login form should be displayed again.

d) Implement the following using jsp program, servlets, java classes, database(s), etc. for the pages as described below :

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