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Q1. a) What is Web 2.0? How is it different to Web 3.0? What is the basic concept of Web 4.0? Explain the term WWW and its uses. Explain the term "Blogging". List any 10 protocols/software that can be used as Web 2.0 technologies.

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Q1. b) Create a registration form, using HTML for opening an email account with an organisation. The form asks for the following information :

You must also create a CSS file for this form. This CSS file should define font family; a font size of 16 points for headings, and font size of 12 points for normal text; font colour should be dark green for the headings and dark blue for normal text. The background colour of the form should be light grey. Also write the code using JavaScript that validates the data entered in the email id and password fields. Submit the HTML code, JavaScript code and display of form in a browser. You must demonstrate the form at the time of viva.

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Q1. c) Using table and lists create two web pages, first displaying the schedule of assignments that are to submitted by the students of BCA first year. This first web page should include the course code and course name of the courses of BCA first year for which assignments are to be submitted, the assignment number, the last date of submission of assignment and the date and time of viva-voce for the students. The second page should display an unordered list, displaying the suggestions for writing assignment responses. You should use

tags, wherever needed, and create an internal CSS file, which formats the web pages as follows: (You must submit the HTML and CSS code and the display of pages in a browser)

(i) Table must have a proper heading. The content of the table headings should be in Bold.

(ii) The table heading should be shaded and every alternate row of table should have a light green as the fill colour. The background of the table should be light yellow.

(iii) The font of the unordered list should be "Times New Roman" with font size of 11 points.

(iv) You must demonstrate how changes in CSS can change the display at the time of Viva.

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Q1. d) A store maintains the list of its Customers using XML. Each Customer is assigned a unique Customer Identifier (CustID) of 6 digits. This CustID is used as an attribute in XML document. The document stores the customer name, customer address (at least one address is required), customer phones (at least one phone number is required) and customer profession (optional). Create an XML documents containing information of five such customers. Also create the DTD to verify the XML document created by you.

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Q1. e) Write and demonstrate (at the time of viva) JavaScript code that displays the message "Let us try JavaScript" and changes this text to "Write Programs using JavaScript" after some time. You may use event handling. Make suitable assumptions, if any.

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Q1. f)Discuss the WAP model. Explain the following WML elements with the help of an example

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Q2. a)Explain the following with the help of a diagram/example, if needed :

(i) MVC architecture

Answer : - Coming Soon

(ii) GET and POST methods

Answer : - Coming Soon

(iii) Server side scripting and its tools

Answer : - Coming Soon

(iv) Web Container

Answer : - Coming Soon

(v) N Tier architecture

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q2. b) Explain with the help of an example/diagram or write code for the following using JSP :

a) The process of generating dynamic content using JSP and advantages of using JSP.

Answer : - Coming Soon

b) page and include directives of JSP

Answer : - Coming Soon

c) Declaration, expressions and scriptlets in the context of scripting elements

Answer : - Coming Soon

d) and< jsp:setProperty> action elements

Answer : - Coming Soon

e) session and out implicit objects

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q2. c) Write JSP programs which can perform the following tasks :

(i) A page requires input of four variables a, b, c and d, it then computes and displays the value a*b/(c+d). In addition, the program must make sure that, in case there is division by zero error, it is reported. Write the JSP code for the above.

Answer : - Coming Soon

(ii) Why are cookies created? Explain their use with the help of two cookies namely customerID and customername. The example should demonstrate the use of the cookie.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q2. d) Explain the process of application development and deployment; and develop and deploy the following application using this process:

Develop and deploy a "Staff Management System" for an organisation using JSP and any database backend. This system stores the following information about the staff members :

A database table stores the basic information about the staff, which includes: StaffmemberID, Name, qualification, date of joining, address, phone and designation.

A second table stores the information about designation and the fixed monthly salary for that designation (assume that salary is fixed)

This system is used by the Human Resource Management team, which can enter information of a new staff member; or delete the data of a member who has left the organisation; or change the designation of a staff member; or computes the total salary to be paid for all the staff members. Submit the program and database for the given system. You must demonstrate this system at the time of viva.

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