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Q1. a) Define classful addressing and discuss problems associated with it.

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Q1. b) Explain the concept of subnetting, default mask and subnet mask.

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Q1. c) Calculate subnet address if the IP address and the subnet mask are given as shown below :

IP address :
Subnet Mask :

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q2. a) What is the address space in a system with 32 bit addresses?

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Q2. b) How many bits are needed for defining Net IDs and Host IDs of Class A, Class B and Class C respectively?

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Q3. a) Draw a TCP header diagram and show the number of bits required for each field. Which field indicates the length of the TCP header? Explain with an example.

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Q3. b) What is the significance of the following TCP header fields :

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q4. What is the role of DNS in Internet ? Explain the steps followed in the domain name resolution with the help of a diagram.

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Q5. c) What is the need for remote administration? Discuss the common services for which the remote administration is used.Discribe any three remote administration tools.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q6. Explain the commands being used in Linux environment for problem diagonosis and trouble shooting.

Answer : - Coming Soon

Q7. Discuss the various disk management functions . What are the tasks followed for secure disk management? Elaborate.

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Q8. What is the main functions of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol? How does it work? Where is the DHCP server located?

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