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A bank proposes to develop an information portal for its customers. The portal provides secure login to customer account and online information services. The services include finding the list of all the accounts hold by a logged in customer, balance in his/her accounts, recent transactions, m-passbook and service requests like stopping the payment of a cheque, issue of a new cheque book, and complaint registration. A customer can have more than one accounts with the Bank, however, for online information purposes they all can be linked to a single user name and password. The proposed application can have only read only access to the accounts of the customer. Also the website should be a secure website as this application requires confidential information.

You may study the requirements of this system in more details by experiencing the online services of your own bank. Perform the following tasks for the system proposed above:

Q1. a) Which Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) will you propose for the specification given above?

Answer : -

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